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My name is Anita Schroeder I’m a  free lance blogger and litigation paralegal from Casper, Wyoming.  I grew up in a fundamental pentecostal home, with all the legalism that came with it. My husband and I have been involved in ministry and held pastoral roles in several churches including house church in  own home.  I have done public speaking over the years to both ministry and paralegal related audiences.

Profile PictureThe reason I named my blog “Anita-Talks-Too-Much” is because I have a reputation with my friends, co-workers and associates as having an opinion and not being able to keep my mouth shut.  I have tried over the years to mellow that out and keep my mouth shut but then I just become frustrated and feel all bottled up.  Also, I’m a bit of a feminist and this is a little jab at all of the “authoritarian” folks out there and their take on the scripture that “women should be silent in the church” and everywhere else for that matter.

I decided to start this blog as a way to vent, and express my thoughts and feelings.  If it resonates with others, then good, if not I’m fine having found an outlet.

I hope you will comment on my posts, I hope you will tell me if you agree or disagree, I only ask that you keep it civil.  I will delete any comments with insulting, or vulgar language.  Thanks for visiting.

Grace and Peace



    • Anonymous on October 8, 2015 at 10:54 pm
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    I feel very much the same as you, Anita. It is so refreshing to hear this kind of sentiment coming from a Christian. I feel that you truly “get it”, and I am always shocked at the amount of hatred and judgement coming from people I know who consider themselves devout Christians.

  1. Thanks, I really appreciate your comments.

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